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Aathavan's page

Hi... Welcome to my home page. I'm Aathavan, aka Aathi, a post doctoral fellow at the University of California- San Francisco. This page is mostly a bunch of links that I use frequently... but you may find something of interest to you in here.. feel free to browse on

If for whatever reason you want to contact me, email: aathavan AT cmpmail dot ucsf dot edu

Blog: Scientific Career Opportunities in India, June 11, San Francisco

Teaching: MCB100A/CHEM130A in fall 2005

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The Vale Lab home page, UCSF (where I work)
The Dynein home page
The Bustamante Lab home page, UC Berkeley (where I worked)
The Udgaonkar Lab home page, NCBS (where I worked)
UCSF Library Electronic Journals
Search Pubmed
Search JSTOR
Search Web of Science
MCB290- Molecular motors course web site
Biophysics at Berkeley
University of California- Berkeley
Bear Link
Search the Berkeley Library through GLADIS
BioSciences Library Electronic Journals
Physics Library Electronic Journals
Chemistry Library Electronic Journals

Work Related

All virology links on the WWW
Viral Diseases (
Viral Diseases (Karolinska Inst)
Rossmann Group, Purdue
Dwight Anderson, U Minnesota
Restriction Enzyme Analysis
Restriction Mapping
Biopolymer Calculator
Constructing your own Dual Beam Optical Trap
Bay Area RNA Club
Expert Protein Analysis System
European Biophysics Events


Learning Attitude Science Survey
Physics Education Technology
Simulation better than Lab Experiment?

Science Links

Indian-skeptic Yeast Genetics
Project Guttenberg
Physics hypertextbook
Online guide to biology resources
Biophysics Text Online
Kauffmann on Complexity and Self Organisation
Virial Theorem made easy
Introduction to Optical Tweezers
WLC model
Mathmoments - in nature
Do Integrations
NSF (National Science Foundation)
Biophysics links on the WWW
Microscopy U - Optics basics and techniques

Dictionaries Online

English to Tamizh (many languages)
Merriam Webster - English
UK French-English Dictionary (awesome!)
Alta Vista's Babel Fish (Tis as good as the one in HHGTG!)


Samachar - the one stop news stand for all Indian News
The Hindu
Nature Podcast
NY Times
C-SPAN - plain fantastic!
Al Jazeera
Haaretz (Israel)
Le Monde
Berkeley Science Review
The Daily Californian

The SF Chronicle


Streaming Yoga
UCSF Core Fitness
Cal cycling- rides around berkeley
Triathlon in the Bay Area
Routes around the Bay area
SF Peninsula Climbs
Runners Rescue
Activity Calorie Calculator
Bay area parks in 3D
Thomas Driemeyer's biking page
Adventure Cycling
Care-E: SF to LA bike ride
John Leo's bicycling page
Mike Vermeulen's bicycling page
Crazy guy on bike - great touring resource page
FelixWong's ultra-marathon bicycling page!


Travel Agents in the SF Bay Area
Hop on Bus (Traveling by bus in California)
International Students Tavel Consortium

Buy Books + others on Net

FNAC (France)
Fabmart, India
Craigslist (bay area)
World Quest Network (telephone)

Tamizh links

Project- Madurai : Tamizh literature online
Tamizh Computing Group - tamizh fonts
Murasu anjal Tamil fonts
Sujatha stories
Tamil Cooking
Bharathiyar Songs
Pustak - Hindi Literature


[ World Time Server ] [ India ]
Time and Date
Heavens Above
Your Horizon
Chennai weather
Kanniyakumari weather
Tamil Calendar


National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
Jayant Udgaonkar's Protein Folding Group
Anna University, India (my undergrad instituition)
Centre for Biotechnolgy, Anna Univ
Vana Vani on

Generally Useful

World Telephone Directory (
Classic Literature Library India Country Facts (

Fun Stuff

Piled higher and Deeper (PhD) Comic Strip


my collection of movies
The Princess Bride (script)
Media Resources Centre, Berkeley
Movies in Berkeley and neighbourhood
The Internet movie database
Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley

< a name="Politics"> Politics

NonViolent Action - Albert Einstein Institute

Manmohan Singh

World Bank - Global Poverty Report

Global Issues

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